equal(s) | 2013

Should I leave reality in peace
build myself a valley of illusion?

equal(s) is a small artist publication that can be seen more as an experimental research about categories of greens, looking and the equality between images. In equal(s) the relation between reality and its manipulation is being questioned as well as openly practiced. Reality is a dualistic concept, just as illusion and moreover photography is. In trying to create an equal mass of greens, manipulation of the image is visible. In doing so the photographs turn into illusions that come from the ‘reality’ of the original photograph. Though providing the original image alongside the manipulated one they can become eachothers equals.

In the archives of | Indie Photobook Library Washington, St.Lucas Library Brussels, Book Society Seoul , Forvm Foundation for Photography Tarragona Spain. Sold at | Printroom Rotterdam, MOTTO Bookshop Wiels Brussels, Wild Book Market Rotterdam



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