sunnyland | 2010
Full movie duration: 5:08 mins

In search for the missing Sunnyland hospital

The whole city of Orlando is wrapped in a magical feeling. This ‘magical’ feeling and outlook is the surface of the city. My project in Orlando was all about looking behind this surface and find other stories than that of, for example, Disney. Located at the ‘all childrensway’ lays the former Sunnyland center. This center was a psychiatric hospital specialized in children with mental as well as physical disabilities. The discrepancy of the name and function of the center in a place like Orlando caught my attention.

For the duration of two weeks I visited the domain and captured everything that happened. Meanwhile I did research and came to know that various sources recorded ghost activity in the area. The audio of the work are all fragments of clairvoyants, ghost tour hosts and people who tell stories about the demolished Sunnyland Hospital. 



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