paper isle | 2023
Site specific installation - Archival paper, vinyl lettering
In collaboration with Su Jung

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The multidisciplinary project CONTOUR (2015-present) is a collaboration between artists Ted Oonk (NL) and Su Jung (KR). The project consists of an archive containing written correspondence and other text, photography, audio and video. The starting point of the project CONTOUR was to explore the artists' opposing views on the symbolic and physical meanings of ‘an island’. Oonk has a romantic and utopian image of the island whereas Jung emphasises its dark and isolated side. The archive shows both sides but mainly experiments with the island as an insignificant or forgotten 'thing' rather than the typical, usually collective utopian ideas.

Paper Isle (2023) is an installation based on the archive of CONTOUR. The glass of the showcase features sentences in vinyl letters from the artists' correspondence about the island, translated into four languages (Bulgarian, English, Dutch and Korean). In the middle of the gallery, a rigid stack of paper contains the complete archive collected by both artists. Within the glass exhibition space, the stack of paper forms an island in itself.



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